Quality Policy

Evrostandart EOOD bases its quality policy on the premise that customer care is the most important aspect of our work. Customer satisfaction and meeting of all their business needs is the most important goal of each and every employee of Evrostandart EOOD. The rich experience of the company in the fields of construction supervision and consultancy has taught us that the achievement of this goal is only possible through the delivery of services based on the client’s needs and the spotless quality of our work. Our quality policy is built upon clear methods and progress targets, which ensure high quality of the services we offer. These methods have been proven effective in the process of doing business with our partners and serve as our guarantee for customer satisfaction. The process of ensuring total quality in Evrostandart EOOD is complex and employs the whole array of services we offer, as well as our business relationships with our partners and contractors.

The quality policy of our company has been developed in view of the following basic principles, which have been proven effective during the years:

  • Meeting and exceeding the requirements of our customers through the highest possible quality of the services we offer;
  • Improvement of the efficiency and quality of our services through the employment of processes and methods, which reduce the risk of mistake;
  • Achievement of higher rates of productivity of our employees through further professional education;
  • Hiring and retention of highly-qualified emplyoees;
  • Providing adequate compensation, good working conditions and excellent overall employee care;
  • Working with quality service providers and contractors.

The above-mentioned processes and methods and the respective qiality control and management system have been integrated in the work process of the company as required by the standard ISO 9001:2000.